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“Every week a trip” , that seems to be the mantra of Arunima and Pratik , the founders of ” Trot my Way ” , a adventure travel site for young enthusiastic travellers . Both Arunima and Pratik , along with a bunch of their friends started travelling post college. Now they are a coupke with hectic 9 to 7 jovbs in top IT firms in Bengaluru . Their lifestyle has changed , so has the world around them . But the once thing which has not changed is their love for travelling across India and beyond.   “We promised , no matter what , we will take trips every weekend and a big trip once in three months”. Trips every weekend!! IMPOSSIBLE! How can you manage your job and this ?!”Turns out , our country is abundant with small beautiful locales scattered across , its not really that difficult…

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It was a perfect spot for a murder mystery or a ghost story or at least an attack by a wild leopard. These were the thoughts running through my mind as I lay in my bed in our small bungalow deep within the North Bengal forest known for its wild elephants and boars and man eating leopards. Beside me , my hubby was sound asleep.We had a whole lop of jungle trekking to come to this place. It promised to give us one of a kind jungle trip .So we took the pains of booking 4 months in advance in one of the best jungle stays in North Bengal.We had a hectic trip to reach this habitat in the middle of nowhere and Arijit was understandably exhausted.I was tired too but was still awake. I got up , freshened up and opened the curtains just so I could see the…

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